The ABC of Collecting

I have never thought about collecting these

Well, I think about safetycards very often and I definitely enjoy it! It’s a passion and sometimes an addiction.

What is a safetycard collection?

According to the cambridge dictionary a collection is a group of objects of one type that have been collected by one person or in one place.

Therefor, you want to find a spot for your first safetycard. And when you have a second safetycard, you will put it in the same spot. Eventually, this might sound ridiculous, but when your collection reaches a certain size you will be very happy that you have kept your collection in order right from the beginning!

How do I start a collection and where do I get cards from?

How do you start collecting stamps? How did you get your first baseball card? At some point you will get in contact with the first item in your collection. It could be on an aircraft that’s taking you somewhere for vacation or business.

That first card marks the beginning of a never ending passion to investigate the world of safetycards and continuously grow the number of cards.

Can I take them directly of the plane?

Expect answers, soon!